What I do
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What I do

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I treat pain and dysfunction by encouraging the body to start a good healing process thus reducing pain and restoring normal function.

Osteopathy concentrates on the musculo-skeletal system, treating faults that occur because of injury, stress or disease. We prompt the body through various techniques to work as efficiently as possible. Osteopaths don’t just treat backs, we treat all joints including jaws, feet, wrists and hands.

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Cranial Osteopathy

This is a technique the osteopath may choose to restore normal function by applying very gentle pressure. This may often be the treatment of choice for babies and children.However some adult patients prefer this approach too.

After birth the babies body needs to decompress from the forces exerted on it as it descends through the birth canal. Usually this will happen spontaneously as the baby cries, sucks and feeds. However, if the birth process has not run smoothly, the baby may require some help to release these compressive forces.  The mother may choose to consult an osteopath with their babies feeding problems, excessive crying, irritability, wind and sleep disturbances.

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Dry Needling

This is a western approach to acupuncture. The presence of a sterile needle under the skin, stimulates the bodies immune response to begin repairing and help to reduce pain.

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The practice of ‘dry needling’ involves inserting an acupuncture needle into a trigger point and is typically used to treat the pain associated with injuries. A trigger point is a tender spot in a tight band of muscle which causes pain when pressed or squeezed.

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